What is MyProExpress?

MyProExpress is a framework that enables companies and contractors to increase their business by streamlining the process of securing a job with their client, while minimizing costs and increasing effectiveness.

How do we do this? By gaining access to our system, companies can create simple forms that their clients can use to submit a job request. Clients may also submit pictures and videos with their request. Companies then manage all of this information in a higly customizable framework that allows them to track jobs, assign jobs, analyze statistics and more.

While most servicing companies and contractors will waste around two hours and $200 to visit a potential clients, our systems gives you the ability to steamline this process without leaving your office, for a fraction of the cost, while gaining incredible benefits, through an easy to use, customizable system.

Who can benefit from MyProExpress?

Here's a list of business types that can benefit from MyProExpress.

Insurance Companies

Home Repair Services

Heating & Cooling


Cable & Internet



Home Inspections

Business Inspection


What exactly do you get?

  • Free access to our system.
  • Create unlimited users/employees.
  • Assign specific permission to each employee.
  • Job tracking
  • Job assignment
  • Statistics and reports
  • History of job request with pictures, videos and employee notes.
  • Graphs and Charts to help understand your company's performance and bottlenecks.
  • ... more